Pasila Driving School

B (personal car) course

You can start B-course when you are 16 years old. If your birthday is earlier than you can start driving school any time now.

Nainen istuu autossa ja hymyilee

Do you need a driving licence?

B-class driving license gives you the right to drive any personal car (+ light trailer), van (max 3500kg), moped, tractor and snowmobile in Finland and also many other countries outside Finland.

We have all services available in english language.

Course price:

  • B-course in english
    (no earlier Finnish Driving license)

  • B-basic fee* 20,00€
    Book 35,00€
    Online practice codes 15,00€
    Compulsory 4 x 45 minutes Traffic Basics classroom theory lessons** 100,00€
    Compulsory 10 x 50 minutes driving lessons in a car 800,00€
    Compulsory Risk Awareness Training (4 x 45min theory, 4 x 50min driving lessons) 380,00€
    Car rent in driving exam 90,00€
  • Total 1440

    + other expenses total 243-258 €
    (Driving license application fee to Traficom 24/39€, Slippery track fee to Vantaa track 80€, Theory exam 40€ and driving exam fee 99€ to Ajovarma)

    Prices include VAT 24% and we reserve right for price changes
  • Additional services

  • Extra driving lesson (50min) 80,00€
    Extra Five (5 x 50min) driving lessons package 350,00€
    Additional car rent in driving exam 90,00€

* basic fee includes introduction theory lesson, registration fee and driving school services

** Traffic Basics theory lessons (not mandatory if you have earlier Finnish Driving License)

General info

You can register by the following methods:

  • by registration form
  • by calling 09-140604 or 040-7036825 when our office is open
  • by visiting our office on the opening hours
  • by coming to the course on the course day, please arrive about 15 minutes earlier.

You can pay the whole fee at once or in parts so that everything is paid by the driving exam.

On the first theory lesson you will be provided with a comprehensive study material package:

  • A physical driving school book will be provided to all of our students
  • online practise codes for theory test theory test practise

  • Our new courses start normally every Monday at 11.00 and 18.00 with an introduction theory lesson which takes about one hour time.
  • If you don't have earlier Finnish driving license you must take 4 x 45 minutes Traffic Basics theory lessons. (L1, L2, L3 and L4)
  • You must also take 4 x 45 minutes Risk Awareness Training theory lessons. (R1, R2, R3 and R4)
  • We are also offering voluntary theory lessons 8 x 45 minutes which are highly recommended but not mandatory. No additional cost for taking these
  • Theory lessons are lectured two lessons at a time which means it takes total 1 hour 30 minutes each occasion.
  • Compulsory theory lessons are normally lectured on Tuesdays at 17.00 and Fridays at 8.00. It is possible to complete all the compulsory theory lessons in less than 2 weeks! Check the dates and times from the schedule below.
  • Voluntary theory lessons are normally lectured on Thursdays at 17.00. It is possible to complete all the voluntary theory lessons in about 4 weeks!
  • You can participate to all of our theory theory lessons in the classroom.
  • You can also pariticipate online to theory lessons. Online lessons are live lessons (not recorded), you can participate with your computer or with your smartphone/tablet if you download an app for it. We are using zoom software for this.

Topics and schedule of theory lessons can be found here

After completing:

  • Traffic Basics theory lessons
  • Driving license permit from Ajovarma (more info on introduction theory lesson)
  • Theory exam practise questions on
  • Theory exam practise questions at our office

You will be able to attend to a theory exam at Ajovarma. Exam consists of 15 multiple choice questions, 5 risk identifying questions and 50 situation shots.

If your mother language is not finnish or swedish you are able to take the exam with extended time limit.

  • You can start booking driving lessons after attending to the introduction theory lesson.
  • B-course contains minimum of 10 driving lessons all driven with a manual/automatic car.
  • Risk Awareness training is also a compulsory part of the B-course and it includes 4 driving lessons.
  • Length of a driving lesson is 50 minutes.
  • Driving lessons can normally be booked from teachers on working days between 8-18. Evenings and weekends are also possible!
  • You can choose how often and how many lesson in a day you take. Recommendation for best learning experience is about 2-3 lessons in a week.

Driving lessons start normally at driving school but upon request some other location can be arranged also.

Before actual traffic teaching, car handling teaching will be arranged at some quiet location (eg. a parking place). Handling teaching is included in the 10 driving lessons.

We have three english-speaking teachers at our driving school: Janne, Taavi and Tuomas.

You can find our contact details from here.

Final test for the whole course is a practical driving exam. You are eglible for the exam when:

  • Theory exam is valid (expires in one year)
  • All 10 driving lessons are completed
  • Risk Awareness Training is completed
  • Driving skills are at a required level

Length of a driving exam is 60 minutes.

After passing the driving exam you will instantly receive a paper driving license that is valid in continental Finland.
Within couple of weeks you'll receive in your mail the plastic permanent license that is valid for 15 years.

Risk Awareness Training must be completed before going to driving exam. Risk Awareness Training includes 4 x 45 minutes theory lessons and 4 x 50 minutes driving lessons.

All driving lessons are done in "normal" car expect one is done in driving simulator (Night Driving Course). One of the driving lessons is done at the Slippery Training track at Vantaa.

Slippery Training track at Vantaa