Pasila Driving School

Coronavirus (covid-19) information

Latest update: October 26th, 2020

Dear customer,

Autokoulu Pasila tries every possible way to make sure that your business with us is as safe as possible and our employees can come safely to work during this exceptional situation. We are following closely Government and Health authorities guidelines regarding coronavirus and we will instruct our employees to act accordingly.

Theory lessons work normally according to the timetables. We are offering theory lessons both as online and classroom lessons. We recommend to participate to the online lesson but if you choose to come to classroom, be advised that we can only take certain amount of participants in so that everyone has a safe distance (minimum 1.5m) to each other.

Driving lessons work also normally with increased hygiene precautions. Students and teachers are instructed to wash their hands with warm water and soap before and after every driving lesson. Teachers are also disinfecting car controls in between driving lessons. List of items that are disinfected are for example: steering wheel, gear stick, hand brake, indicator and wiper switches, key, door handles, seat belt buckle and all the buttons that are touched. Students are encouraged to cancel driving lesson if there is flue-like symptoms with one self or in the close family.

Theory and Driving exams work normally at the moment.

Our office serves you normally. Safest way to be in touch is of course phone or e-mail. When you visit our office remember the general guidelines to minimise the risk of infection. Especially good hand and coughing hygiene helps a lot in these surroundings. We look after hygiene at our office with higher cleaning/disinfection procedures and personal hygiene instructions. We are cleaning more frequently places where both customers and staff visit. Our staff is also advised to follow Healthcares authorities guidelines precisely.

We recommend using a facial mask when visiting our office, also during theory and driving lessons. Ajovarma recommends using a facial mask during theory and driving exams.

We at Autokoulu Pasila do everything to make sure that your business with us is as safe as possible during these exceptional times.

Best regards,
Autokoulu Pasila