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OpetusRisk Awareness Training

Risk Awareness Training

Due to law changes on 1.7.2018 Training Stage Feedback Period and Advanced Stage course were replaced by a new course called Risk Awareness Training which is compulsory for all new drivers in Finland. Contents:
  • Four theory lessons (4 x 45min)
  • One driving lesson in urban areas (50min)
  • One driving lesson in open roads (50min)
  • One driving lesson in difficult road conditions (slippery track) (50min)
  • One driving lesson in dark conditions (night driving) (50min)

Theory lessons 4 x 45 min

  You can take the theory lessons either at the driving school in Pasila or at the slippery track in Vantaa, whichever is easier for you.

Driving lessons in urban area and open roads (2 x 50min)

  Can easily be arranged any time convinient for you.

Training at slippery track 50 minutes.

  Track training is one part of the Risk Awareness Training. This can be done in a small group with your own car or individually with driving school car.

Night Driving course

  Night driving course is one part of the Risk Awareness Training. If you have done this earlier, you don't need to do again.

Course expenses

course fee (without night driving) 320,00 €
course fee (including night driving) 380,00 €
track fee to Vantaa track 80,00 €
Total 400,00 - 460,00 €
(incl. VAT)


  Next upcoming Risk Awareness Training courses (small group with own car):
Fri 28.9.2018 at 9.00-14.00 (free spaces)
Thu 11.10.2018 at 9.00-14.00 (free spaces)
Thu 25.10.2018 at 9.00-14.00 (free spaces)
Or individually with school car any time good for you.
You can register to the course with one of the following methods:

General information

  In Finland B-class driver training program is divided into three stages: basic stage, training stage and advanced stage.
  • The Basic stage (= B-course) takes about 1.5 months minimum.
  • Training stage starts when you pass your driving exam and lasts at least 3 months and maximum 2 years. Inside 1-3 months after passing driving test you must attend to a feedback period which includes two driving lessons and a theory lesson.
  • Within 3 to 24 months after driving test and after completing your training stage feedback period you have to attend to an advanced stage course which takes about one day.
After the advanced stage course you get your permanent driving license.

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